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Celebrate Your Upcoming Wedding Anniversary by Renewing Your Vows

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Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewals

If you are looking for a way to make your next wedding anniversary truly special, why not spend it by reaffirming your undying love? Planning a ceremony to renew your vows is one anniversary present your spouse will not soon forget.

In many ways, the ceremony to renew your vows is more fun the original wedding. For one thing, you will be more relaxed - and able to enjoy the ceremony. There are no wedding day jitters, no bachelor party hangover and no ugly bridesmaid dresses to deal with. There is just you, your spouse and your closest friends and loved ones.

Another big advantage of the marriage renewal ceremony is the kids get to attend. Just think of how excited your kids will be to be part of a real wedding ceremony - there are plenty of ways to work them into the festivities and give them memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

There are a number of ways to make your marriage renewal ceremony even more special. Renewing your vows on your actual anniversary is one way, but the date does not matter as much as the feeling. If you do choose another date, you just give yourself one more day to celebrate each year.

Many couples choose to hold their renewal ceremonies at the same church where they were wed. If you would like to follow suit, just talk to your pastor about incorporating the renewal ceremony into the regular services or holding a special service after the Sunday sermon.

If your original marriage ceremony was held in a local venue, you might want to hold your renewal ceremony in the same place. Just call to see if the venue is available on the date you want, get the ball rolling and give your spouse a wonderful anniversary surprise.

For couples who never had a proper honeymoon, a vow renewal ceremony provides the perfect opportunity to rectify the situation. Now that you are both older, wiser and have more money, you can book that dream honeymoon you always wanted. Just contact the staff at the hotel to sort through the details of the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, you can get on with enjoying the honeymoon of a lifetime - even if it is the second time around.

While some couples want nothing more than a stunning tropical vista for their vow renewals, others prefer to stay closer to home. If you want to enjoy a low-key renewal, just invite your closest friends and family members over and hold the ceremony right in your backyard. That backyard ceremony can be just as special, and just as memorable, as reciting your vows on a tropical beach.

No matter where you choose to hold your vow renewal ceremony, it is sure to be an anniversary gift you and your spouse will not soon forget. Anyone can give an anniversary present, but it takes a real romantic to celebrate a special anniversary by saying they would do it all over again.



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