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For Men: How to Shop for a Great Anniversary Gift

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Deciding what to get that special woman in your life for an anniversary can be a challenge.  While it is the thought that counts, the most appreciated gift will be something that she truly wants.  Spend some time listening to her in the months leading up to the anniversary.  Chances are she will drop some hints or mention something she would like to have.  Avoid giving her something that she needs over something that she wants.  A vacuum cleaner or a new toaster will probably not be appreciated and may leave you sleeping on the sofa instead of enjoying a romantic anniversary evening together. This should go without saying, but just so we cover all the gifts that will not be appreciated, make sure not to give her a gift that is something you want yourself.  Unless she is the sports fanatic or gamer in the family, tickets to a football game or a new PlayStation will not be on the top of her list.

No matter how big or small the gift you choose is, make it special.  How you present the gift makes all the difference.   Planning a romantic evening will mean much more than simply presenting the gift alone.  The thought and effort put into planning the evening will create a lasting memory for her.

Jewelry ~ This may seem like a cliché gift but it is a safe choice that she is sure to love.  When buying jewelry, really pay attention to her style.  You may think that the giant yellow gold heart shaped earrings are the perfect gift but these may not be her style at all. You are sure to impress if you nail it with a gift that matches her style.  This may take some practice.  Pay attention to what jewelry she buys for herself or ask store personnel to assist you with choosing a unique-to-her gift.

Flowers ~ While you probably wont want to make this her only gift, sending flowers is a romantic touch.  Have them delivered to her work or home as a surprise.  Add a personal touch such as a stuffed animal or a box of her favorite chocolates.  If you know she would appreciate something more useful, you can purchase a gift basket online to be delivered to her.  Popular choices include: cookie bouquets, fruit baskets, coffee lover baskets or spa gift baskets.

Gifts that involve the two of you ~ Most likely, well hopefully, she enjoys spending time with you!  There are so many possibilities for gifts in this category.  Would she enjoy a night at the symphony or tickets to a rock concert?  How about a romantic weekend getaway to a ski resort or mountain cabin?  You can choose a small gift that both of you can enjoy together or celebrate with a large gift for a special anniversary and go all out!  Think outside the box on this one and focus on a romantic experience instead of a tangible gift.  Ballroom dancing lessons, a canoeing escapade, an afternoon picnic, a night at your favorite casino, the possibilities here are endless!

There are so many choices for anniversary gifts.  Just be sure to make the gift personal and put some time and effort into presenting the gift.  Conduct a simple online search to find more anniversary gift ideas.  Ask your sweetheart's family and friends if you are still unsure.  But don't get too caught up in not getting it right. She will love any gift that comes from the heart.