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Gemstones for Wedding Anniversaries

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Gemstones for Wedding Anniversary | AnniGifts.com

Gifts for wedding anniversaries are traditional.  In fact, several lists are available to select from when trying to decide what would be the perfect gift for a couple’s anniversary.  The lists include a traditional version, modern version, flower version, and, of course, a gemstone version.

The gemstone version of anniversary gifts, the Anniversary Stones Gift List, has received a nod of approval from the American Gem Society, the Gemological Institute of America or GIA, the Jewelers of America, and the American Gem Trade Association.  This particular list of anniversary gifts only includes precious metals and gemstones.

The gemstone list includes one precious metal or gemstone for every anniversary year up to the first twenty-five. Beyond that, the list only includes gifts for anniversaries in multiples of five up to the seventy-fifth anniversary.  An alternative gemstone precious metal list is available as well, although it is not as widely accepted.

Gemstone and Precious Metal Anniversary Gift List

1)  Gold Jewelry

2)  Garnet

3)  Pearl

4)  Blue Topaz

5)  Sapphire

6)  Amethyst

7)  Onyx

8)  Tourmaline

9)  Lapis Lazuli

10) Diamond

11) Turquoise

12) Jade

13) Citrine

14) Opal

15) Ruby

16) Peridot

17) Watch

18) Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl

19) Aquamarine

20) Emerald

21) Iolite

22) Spinel

23) Imperial Topaz

24) Tanzanite

25) Sterling Silver

30) Pearl

35) Emerald

40) Ruby

45) Sapphire

50) Gold

55) Alexandrite

60) Diamond

65) Star Sapphire

75) Diamond

As you can see, a few of the gemstones are used for more than a single anniversary.  Perhaps this is in part due to the widespread popularity of the particular jewel or gemstone.  At any rate, most women love jewelry, so the gift of a brilliant gemstone on her wedding anniversary is sure to be appreciated.