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Golden Anniversary: Creative Party Ideas for the 50th Anniversary of Your Favorite Couple

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Golden Anniversary: Creative Party Ideas for the 50th Anniversary of Your Favorite Couple

A golden anniversary is an exciting milestone for any couple.  Planning a 50th wedding anniversary celebration takes some work, but can be a lot of fun! Golden plates, napkins, table decorations and cake toppers are all easy items to find at a party store, but aren't very unique or personalized.

Add personal touches and find creative ways to enhance your golden theme with special party details.  Here are some creative ideas for planning a golden anniversary party:

Golden Anniversary Canopy 

Inflate golden balloons with helium and allow them to float to the ceiling above the food or cake table.  These balloons will add decoration and warmth to the room--just keep them away from any ceiling lights that may heat up and pop the balloons!

Memorable Romance Music

Create a list of top songs from the year the couple was married to create a nostalgic atmosphere at the party.  The couple will love the throwback and so will many of their friends and family.

Golden Citrus Punch Bowl

Freeze beautiful rings of gold for your punch bowl decoration.  Slice oranges and lemons and place them in a Bundt pan.  Pour enough lemonade in the pan to cover the fruit and place the whole thing in your freezer.  When it has frozen solid, remove the ring from the pan and transfer it to a Ziploc bag, storing the bagged ring in the freezer until the party.  Make a few rings to add as each one melts, keeping your punch cold and festive for the whole party.

Golden Anniversary Gift

It is very traditional to purchase something golden for a 50th anniversary gift.  A gift certificate to a gold jewelry repair shop for ring cleaning could be a useful and creative approach to this traditional present--after all, 50 years is a long time for grime to build up and most couples don't get their rings cleaned often!

Once Upon a Photo

Print out photos of the couple--from the oldest photos you have to the most recent.   For a unified feel, print them all in black and white and tape them on the wall in the shape of a 50.   Another creative way to use photos: find as many of the wedding photos from their big day as you can and place copies in gold frames on the tables where guests will be sitting.

Celebrating 50 Years: All that Glitters

Finally, remember not to overdo it with the gold.  Too much flashy gold will look tacky; balance your color scheme by adding lighter shades of champagne or off-white for a classy, elegant approach.  Add white Christmas lights in creative places (like draped on the cake table) to add a romantic twinkle to the room.

Your guests of honor will enjoy the personalized planning and creative touches at their celebration of 50 years of marriage.  Enjoy the day because a 50th wedding anniversary is really something to celebrate!



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