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Holiday Romance - Making the Christmas Season Even More Special

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The holiday season is always a special time of year.  The air has a cool crisp quality, there are parties to attend and new friends to make, and then there are the presents.

A budding romance can make the holiday season even more special, and there are plenty of ways to show off your romantic season at this magical time of year.  Here are some romantic holiday ideas you can use to kindle a new romance or bring the spark back to a longstanding one.

Enjoy a Romantic Sleigh Ride

Nothing is more romantic than an exhilarating sleigh ride through the snowy streets.  Whether you live in a rural area or the big city, chances are there is a sleigh ride operator within driving distance.

Just imagine how much fun you and your significant other will have all snuggled up beneath your blankets with a cup of hot chocolate and a jaunty holiday tune playing on the stereo.  What a wonderful way to spend a special anniversary or kindle a new romance.

Make a Special Proposal

If you are not already married, the holiday season is the perfect time to pop the question and embark on a wonderful new adventure.  If you and your spouse are already married, you can make this holiday season even more special by renewing your vows.

An engagement ring makes a perfect Christmas present, so if you have been thinking about popping the question now might be the best time.  As an added bonus, you will have little trouble remembering your anniversary if it coincides with the start of the Christmas season.

Enjoy a Picnic by Candlelight

It may be too cold for a picnic in the park, but with the right preparation you can still make it happen.  Just load up your picnic basket with a large blanket, a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and the finest cheeses, chocolates and other holiday delicacies.

You can enjoy your outdoor picnic in warmth and comfort no matter how cold the weather.  Just find a friend with a fire pit, or build one in your own back yard.  If you prefer the warmth of the great indoors, you can spread the picnic basket in front of your fireplace or wood stove for a wonderfully romantic meal.

The holiday season is custom made for romance.  The weather it cold, there are plenty of great indoor activities to enjoy, and plenty of wonderful ways to show how much you care.  Whether you pop the question on Christmas Eve or enjoy a romantic picnic by the sparkling firelight, you and your significant other will enjoy a holiday season you will not soon forget.



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