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Engraving & Monogram

All personalization is included in our prices.

There are no additional fees.


  • Items will be engraved exactly as requested including upper and lower case letters. Please enter and review your personalization carefully.
  • All personalization is done in the font style as pictured.
  • We do not make font changes. We will personalize your gift exactly as you enter the text.
  • Please note, all dates are engraved using hyphens (example: 10-6-2010).



  • Enter personalization as you would like it to appear with capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, punctuation and characters such as &, @, or *.
  • Do not type in all capital letters or all lower case letters unless that is how you want the item to appear.
  • We are unable to reproduce international characters (characters with accents marks, umlauts, etc.).
  • Please enter only characters that appear on standard American keyboards. If you want a product personalized with an "s" or "´s ", please enter it as part of your personalization. (example: Johns or John’s)
  • Please refer to the product image for a sample of the personalization font and style.
  • If you're purchasing multiple personalized items, type in the first personalization request and click "add to cart." Then proceed with next personalization request, and so on.
  • If you are requesting multiple lines of engraving, please enter engraving information separately for each line as noted on the product page.  
  • If we are uncertain as to your intentions, we will contact you for clarification before we process your order.


  1. Engraving 1st Line:  John
  2. Engraving 2ndLine:  07-15-2010


MONOGRAMS: If you would like a Monogram, please clearly specify "Monogram" during the check-out process at the section titled "Engraving Information". The three letter monogram is considered the standard format for a monogram. Traditional three letter monograms include the initials of the person's first name, last name and middle name. The monogram is produced in this order, reading left to right. The last name initial is centered and made larger than the initials on each side.

MONOGRAM EXAMPLE: Adam Brian Cooper would enter A C B on his order and the monogram would appear:   ACB

Please provide the MONOGRAM initials in this order: 

      1. First Name Initial
      2. Last Name Initial
      3. Middle Name Initial

We will not change the order of the initials.


FONT STYLES: We personalize each gift with the font as it is pictured. You will notice font styles do vary from product to product. This cannot be changed. We can only personalize your gift with the font pictured.

PRODUCTS: Please refer to the product descriptions for specific details of what each product can accommodate for engraving.

OTHER ENGRAVING QUESTIONS: Please contact us via email at customerservice@annigifts.com.



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